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Transforming Organic Waste into Organic Fertiliser in 3 hours, using our Rapid Fermentation Technology (RFT)

RFT provides Organics Recycling industry with a unique, sustainable solution for transforming the organic waste into ready-to-use organic fertiliser in just 3 hours with no post-fermentation required, making it the world’s fastest fermentation process.

RFT is also the world’s most advanced technology that revolutionizes the traditional microbial composting. In this new, advanced technology, our patented enzymes are combined with organic waste in our specialized processing equipment that enables the resulting mixture to stabilise and mature as high quality fertiliser within 3 hours. The result is odourless, pathogen free, zero pollution, zero organic matter loss and zero carbon emission. Not only does this free up time, but it also frees up space and removes the dependency on external factors, such as the weather affecting the quality of the fertiliser produced.

Our innovative enzymes can be applied in a wide range of organics recycling industries, such as Compost and Organic fertiliser producing, Kitchen waste recycling, Agricultural waste recycling, Slaughterhouses and Poultry factories, as well as Livestock waste management.

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Lohas Recycling Specialists Services

Lohas Recycling is dedicated to environmental sustainability through the use and development of advanced recycling solutions. Our vision is to improve the environment we live in by harnessing new technology for a sustainable future.


RFT is the world’s fastest technology that revolutionizes the traditional microbial composting.

Rapid Fermentation Technology

With the use of patented enzymes and specialized equipment, organic wastes are stabilized and matured into ready-to-use….

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Lohas enzymes omit the process by which the microorganism secretes enzymes.

Why Lohas Enzymes?

This makes Lohas enzymes a more advanced process than traditional microbial composting method.

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Our Rapid Fermentation system is the most streamlined and complete process for the entire complex fermentation process.


The equipment used in the process is hardwearing and simple to operate. So how do we manage to do the job within just 3 hours?

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Tonnes Recycled At Lohas Recycling

Food Waste Recycling
Agricultural Recycling
Poultry Industry Recycling
Livestock Waste Recycling

Our Core Values

We are committed to help more organic waste recycling businesses to transform their waste by choosing our Rapid Fermentation Technology. We understand that farmers work hard and that agricultural production is one of the most fundamental industries in a nation.

Recycling & Sustainable Development

We are a company dedicated to reducing landfill and environmental pollution through recycling waste.

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